PFW Day 1 :: Saint Laurent Niki Velvet Thigh-Highs

If you read my blog on the regular, you probably already know that I am a shoe addict through and through. Don't really know what it is really, but I am completely and utterly obsessed, and finding a great pair of shoes always makes my day unlike anything else. Well..., enter my latest obsession du jour: Saint Laurent Niki velvet thigh-high boots, or as I like to call them, the outfit-makers!

Love at first sight, I knew we very meant to be together the moment I saw them. I mean... velvet, thigh-high, cone heel, and pointed toe, basically the most perfect pair of boots ever imagined! I tried, and I mean I really did try to find a look that these boots don't elevate and make a bit more interesting/fashiony/dramatic and any other wonderful thing you can imagine, and so far nothing! From mini skirts and blazer combos, to skinny jeans and slouchy sweater situations, these boots cannot do wrong! And I am totally on board with that, which is perhaps why I expect them to make countless appearances on this site! Hope you don't mind!

Saint Laurent Niki Velvet Thigh High Boots & Small Loulou Top Handle Bowling Bag | Alexander Wang Double Sided Houndstooth Boyfriend Blazer | Frame Denim Studded Mini Skirt | Off-White Angel Stretch Knit Turtleneck Sweater | Eugenia Kim Marina Cashmere Hat

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