Dark Magic

Had one of the most profound "Girl meets dress" moments in recent history. I just knew, I knew as soon as this dress and I met, that this was going to be a lasting relationship... I mean, perfect in every possible way, I find myself so obsessed at the moment, I look for places and reasons to wear it again and again.

So far, the magic number is 3 - to dinner with my hubby, cocktails hour with a few girlfriends and to a evening event I attended recently, but... I am only getting started. Something about this particular dress is pure magic, and it's not just about the crazy beautiful embellishment on sleeves and neckline, or the cut and flow, I'd say it's more about how I feel when I wear it, and when it comes to clothes, feeling the best you possibly can is what I always strive for.

What about you guys, do you have that one magic piece in your closet that always makes you feel special?

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