Malibu Moment

Took me a while, but I am slowly beginning to accept the fact that LA is not done with summer quite yet. I mean it's hard to argue with a heat wave, which we've been enjoying this past week. Normally, when it gets this hot in LA, hubby and I head straight for Malibu, because it tends to be a good deal cooler than the rest of the city. And so on Tuesday, we decided that we couldn't take the heat any longer, and rented a place in Malibu to spend a few days doing all the things we love best, i.e. tanning, swimming and dining at our favorite local restaurants.

Funny, but we've been traveling so much this year, that we haven't had the time to go to the beach in LA or visit our old favorite - Malibu Country Mart, which we used to frequent a lot! To me, it's such a perfect place to wander around, grab a quick lunch, and do some shopping. It has a really great selection of stores, everything from clothing, beauty and accessories, but I particularly love  the home decor ones since they tend to offer unique pieces I can't find anywhere else, so I can never resist getting a few cute things for the house.

We've wrapped up our Malibu escape with a beach picnic. I always wanted to have one of those but somehow never got around to it, so this time Emil and I decided to go for it. It was nothing fancy, just some delicious bites, good wine and perfectly pink sunset. Basically, it was perfect in every possible way!

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