PFW Day 2 :: Black & White Chanel

I don't have favorite brands! No, really! I have favorite collections, and there are certainly brands and labels I turn to on regular basis, but for the most part, what I like or love varies from season to season. Well..., that is with one major exception - CHANEL. Never not a favorite, every Chanel piece that I have in my closet is love at first sight and a friend for life, and I can honestly say that when I think of Chanel, I can't really imagine a collection I didn't like or an item I wouldn't want to add to my closet.

I've often wondered what it is about Chanel that I love so much and I believe that it is the combination of craftsmanship, quality and effortlessness that make this particular brand a constant favorite. Effortlessly chic, effortlessly cool, effortlessly elegant and modern, Chanel feels different on and wears differently. If you read my blog on the regular you may already know that when it comes to clothes, fit and comfort are important to me. I never want to wear anything I don't feel good in or something that doesn't make me feel good about the way that I look and Chanel always delivers in both departments.

Take the coat I am wearing in today's post for example, lightweight yet warm, it feels as comfortable as a fuzzy blanket yet it is as chic and elegant as a coat can be. Another quality I always appreciate about Chanel pieces is their ability to make a statement without being loud or over the top. I mean, I could wear this coat in a thousand different ways and to thousand different occasions yet it will never fail to be an elegant show-stopper that it is in the most sophisticated and effortless manner. Love that!

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