Well Suited

No matter how crazy our schedule gets, whenever we're in Paris, we always try to carve out some time to do a few things we truly enjoy and a breakfast at a Parisian cafe happens to be one of our favorite indulgences.

Although I am always very happy to be in Paris, this time around we were especially lucky because the weather was absolutely beautiful for the entire week we were there! Sunny and warm, it was exactly the kind of weather I always hope for when I go to Paris! Basically the kind of weather that makes you enjoy all you favorite Parisian guilty pleasures just a bit more. And so we did,   every chance we got! We drank as much coffee as we possibly could, and we tried our Parisian favorite - freshly baked croissants at as many places as we could, and we shopped till we dropped, and walked the streets of old Paris util it felt like we couldn't walk anymore, and yet we did, because every turn revealed beautiful hidden little corners, wonderful shops and cutest little bakeries.

Back in LA now, but missing Paris like crazy! Can't help but plan our next visit, and so, I wanted to take this chance to ask you guys what are some our your favorite places in Paris? Any hidden treasures you want to share?

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