Current Fave :: Chanel Gabrielle Boots

Of all the boots currently residing in my closet, the Chanel Gabrielle boots I am wearing in today's post are definitely a favorite. Aside from the way the look, what makes them my current go-to pair is really a combination of three different factors: comfort, versatility and their ability to add that perfect touch of drama to transform the simplest of looks into a statement-making outfit.

Not entirely sure I grasped the full potential of these boots when I first got them during Paris Fashion Week. I mean, I certainly loved the way they looked with mini or midi skirts, or paired with knee-length coats, but I've since discovered that they work equally well paired skinny denim and pretty much any topper imaginable. Seriously, I've yet to discover an oversized coat, chunky knit or sleek leather jacket they don't work with.

Another reason I am completely and totally obsessed with them at the moment is because of the way they tend to elevate basics and casual outfits. Love, love, love how they become that perfect finishing touch for a blue-jean, simple white tee pairing, or a denim mini, leather jacket combo. Basically, they look equally relevant with pretty much any outfit imaginable, and make even the simplest of looks feel special, which is probably why I've been wearing them non stop as of late. Hope you don't mind seeing them again and again!

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