Pretty Little Things

If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably already know that when it comes to jewelry, my motto is the more the merrier! A big fan of jewelry in general, I love the way it transforms the most casual outfits into polished and sophisticated ensembles and adds that perfect finishing touch to any night-time look! This statement rings especially true as we head into Holiday season.

Not unlike everything else I have in my closet, when it comes to jewelry, versatility is what I look for the most. I like pieces that add that something extra to my day-time outfits, yet wear just as well with cocktail dresses and evening gowns. And as of late, the pieces that seem to pair absolutely flawlessly with all my casual and dressy ensembles are the ones I've picked up from AUrate jewelrya few weeks ago. You may already know, that pearls happen to be a particular weakness of mine, but the main reason I am completely obsessed with the pieces I am wearing in today’s post is because I feel they are feminine and glamorous yet edgy, modern and slightly rebellious at the same time. Yet another reason I love them so much is because I am such a big fan of layering jewelry and these particular pieces look great worn separately or combined together for a more dramatic look. And I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to jewelry, dramatic always wins in my book! Last but certainly not least, is the fact that I've worn them with jeans and t-shirts, and cocktail dresses alike, and somehow they never fail to complete every look in the most magical of ways, which is the reason why they've been in such heavy rotation lately!

A perfect gift to any fashionista in your family ( I know I'll be gifting all the girls in my family a few of these pretty, dainty pieces ), I think that there is really nothing quite like a gift of sparkle to set the mood for the Holiday season. So, if not unlike myself you like to get on top of Holiday shopping early, I would definitely consider stocking up on a few of these, for yourself and your loved ones! 

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