Solace with ShopStyle

Happy Weekend Everyone! I’m super excited to be finally sharing these images with you! As you might have seen on my Instagram, Emil and I went up to Napa with ShopStyle last week, to spend a few days at the gorgeous Solage Resort. An all time favorite place, both Emil and I love to visit Napa, so this cozy getaway, complete with breakfasts in bed, wining and dining at our fave restaurants, and wine tours was exactly what we needed in the midst of the crazy Holiday season.

As part of this trip, we got to visit yet another favorite place - the Calistoga Ranch. We toured the massive property, got to check out their chicken coups, and learn about bee-keeping. Most of the food that they serve is raised right there on the ranch, so the lunch we had at The Lakehouse was absolutely delicious ( highly recommend trying the winter squash soup and roasted beets, also, if you happen to have a bit of a sweet tooth like me, spiced molten cake was absolutely phenomenal! )

Yet another highlight of this trip and the reason why I fell in love with Solage Resort is the fact that we got to stay in a one bedroom suite with a private outdoor patio perfect for lazy breakfasts and outdoor mini picnics. Obviously we simply couldn't help taking advantage of both!

As I have mentioned before Napa has always been a very special place for Emil and I, and it seems like no matter how many times we visit, the end of each trip inevitably leads to planning our next visit. As of right now, we are aiming for this month ( fingers crossed ), so stay tuned for more Napa favorites!

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