Cozy in Carmel

If you've been following my blog for a sometime now, you may already know that a January family road trip along the southern California coastline ( last one here & here ), has been an ongoing tradition for the past few years. Tough we've taking this trip so many times, somehow, we never fail to discover something new and amazing to love, and come back to LA full of new memories of beautiful sunsets, incredible ocean views, and stunning California coastline!

This time around, we ended up driving directly to the charming Carmel by the Sea, and spent a few days exploring the town, wining, dining, shopping and picnicking at the beach. A big highlight was the 17 mile drive - a gorgeous 2 hour drive past scenic coastal views, the famous Pebble Beach, prettiest houses and plush golf courses! We've done the drive before, but this time around, we made sure to really take our time and make frequent stops to enjoy everything 17-mile drive has to offer. My recommendation is going there about an hour or two before sunset. Sunsets in Carmel are stunning in general, but watching as the sun set at the Love Cypress view point was so surreal and magical, we needed up coming back a few times just so that we could repeat the experience!

P.S. Special thank you to Lexus for the raddest ride in history! Though hubby and I ended up bickering most of the time as far as who gets to drive it goes, eventually we did come up with a pretty fair driving schedule! And yeah, I totally drove more!

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