Power Plaid

If you read my blog on the regular, you probably already know that I am a bit partial to wearing all my favorites at the same time, and today's look is a great example of that. Some of the pieces I am sporting in this outfit are new, others have already established themselves as tried and true staples ( manically obsessed with these high-waisted Mother Denim jeans! I mean... hello ankle lace ), but all of them are the go-to faves du jour and  items I tend to wear the most at the moment.

Though I've never met an Isabel Marant jacket I didn't like, this particular one I got on Net-a-Porter a few weeks ago, is a total game changer for me. Hello power plaid, hello oversized fit and pretty color combination, I think the main reason why I can't seem to bring myself to wear anything else is because it is such a great "all day long" piece. I've worn it to the office and business meetings, casual outings with my husband, and cocktails with friends, and somehow it always looks perfect for the place.

Also, love the multitude of styling and restyling options it offers. So good with denim, I also really love the way it looks with leather and patent leather mini skirts, high-waisted trousers and crop tops, and lacy slip dresses and boots. Basically, as far as jackets are concerned, this one just does not disappoint! Love that!

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