Beautiful Big Sur

Second stop on our annual family road trip was Big Sur. Though we kept going back and forth whether we should make the drive ( takes about 50 minutes to get from Carmel to Big Sur ), we did, and as always it was totally worth it! The drive is absolutely beautiful because it takes you along the gorgeous California coast line, and we make plenty of stops to enjoy the scenery and of course to take a few pics!

It's funny, we made this dive so many times, yet it always feels fresh and new somehow, and never seizes to amaze you in a different way. I swear, I must have seen Bixby bridge at least a dozen of times, yet I could never pass on an opportunity to admire it again. Same yet oh-so-very-different, I could just stand there for hours looking at the water and the sky line...

P.S. Once again, special thank you to Lexus for outfitting us with the sickest ride! Thank you for making our favorite drive even more special!

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