Biggest Shoe Trend for Spring

They’re comfortable, practical and stylish and if I learned anything from Milan and Paris fashion weeks, it is that 2018 is going to be a big year for sneakers. The casual sports shoe was featured across dozens of catwalk shows this season from the snakeskin-effect sneakers by Junya Watanabe to Balenciaga’s mountaineer-inspired pieces. Personally, I can’t get enough of this year’s up-and-coming sneaker trends! Want to refresh your footwear collection? Here are the sneaker trends you need to know about for the coming year.

Exaggerated Soles: One of the most daring sneaker trends of the season, the bold exaggerated sole is becoming one of biggest movements of current sports fashion. The LV Archlight sneaker from Louis Vuitton is a bold statement footwear that embodies the provocative futurism that we’ve seen is one of the main trends to emerge from Paris and Milan. This daring sneaker balances futuristic lines with an elegantly soft feminine shape for comfort and compatibility with your look - sporty or otherwise.

Muted Tones: As we slink into spring, the seasonally muted colors are charming fashionistas once again - and this time the classic subtle hues are making waves in the sneaker pool. Personally, I can't get enough of these subtle, muted tunes and soft pastel colors!

Retro Metallics: We’re all about the retro feels this season. From Grace Jones-esque power dressing to Sloane Ranger chic, the 80s is back in full force and with it comes the glorious gleam of retro metallics. Think matte golds, shimmering mermaid blues, shiny silvers, sequins and anything that reminds you even remotely of a disco ball. 

90s Nostalgia: 90s and 00s-inspired nostalgia is still charming the fashion sneaker scene the world over. We’re talking clunky heels, off-whites with neon detail, stretch jersey overlaying faux leather; consciously UNcool is the new cool.

Never not a fan of sneakers, I think what I find particularly exciting is the variety of trends, options, colors and fabrics to choose from! What about you guys, are you as excited about the sneaker trend as I am?

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