Grand Canyon Picnic

It's funny, but a trip to Grand Canyon has been on our bucket list ever since Emil and I met almost 13 years ago. We certainly talked about it often enough, yet somehow life always got in a way of us actually going. Well this year, when we were brainstorming ideas for his birthday we figured this was our chance to finally make it happen, and a picnic with this kind of view, well... we couldn't imagine anything more romantic than that!

The drive was a bit intense ( even though we ended up making a 2-day stop in Vegas ) but once we actually got there, it was definitely worth it! Even more beautiful and breathtaking than we could have ever imagined, the scenery was absolutely magical! One of the very few places where you still get to feel one with the nature, there was something incredibly serene, peaceful yet grandiose about the otherworldly landscape around us. Though we did plan on getting a bit of work done while we were there, we were so moved I think, by the experience of finally seeing it, we spent all of our time simply exploring, picnicking and making memories. After all, life is all about collecting experiences, and sometimes you simply cannot help  but to stop and enjoy the moment!

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