Birthday Girl

It's funny, but as much as I believe in the importance of unwinding and taking time for yourself, I actually rarely do. A day here and there, but mostly not so much! I suppose we don't always practice what we preach, and in my line of work things tend to come up last minute which makes vacations something of a luxury, difficult to schedule and take, even if I wanted to --> CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Miguelina Crochet Trimmed Linen Bralette (also love this) and Ballerina Crochet Trimmed Linen Wrap Maxi Skirt (also love thisthis, snd this) | Alienina Woven Cotton Bucket Bag | Pascale Monvoisin Sunday 9 Karat Rose Gold Bakelite Necklace | Marskinryyppy Pauwau Sandals (also love these and these) | Yosuzi Elise Hat

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