Maison Christian Dior Perfumes

Have you ever noticed how a scent can instantly transport you to a time or a place, evoke a memory: perhaps something long forgotten from your childhood... I know that it's certainly true for me and the smell of gingerbread will always take me back to Christmas back home in Riga baking cookies with my grandmother, and I will always associate lavender with my mother. It was one of her favorite scents and it makes me think of her whenever I come across it. Even more than that, I find that the right scent can transform and uplift my mood, and I think it is for all those reasons scent and especially fragrance play such an important role for me --> CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Maison Christian Dior perfumes | Dior Mini Saddle Bag, J'Adior It Ballet Pump, Lucky Star Locket Necklace, Tribales Earrings | Cinq à Sept Dress (similar here, here, and here)

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