This Week's Top 5

Here we again again, this week's latest and greatest! At this point in time I am just trying to cover all of my current favorites, but if you guys have specific questions or want to hear more about make up, skin care, or body care just leave me a note in comments below!

Ole Henriksen Balance It All Essentials Set - you guys know by now that I have oily/combination skin so I'm always on the lookout for skincare to help me battle the oiliness. Most of the products I've tried either do very little, or way too much and dry out my skin. Before the last Paris Fashion Week, I was shopping at Sephora and came across this set. It was travel friendly and included a face wash, toner, and moisturizer, so I thought it would be perfect to take on a trip with me and test it out. I ended up loving it! The products work together and help tone down my oiliness without making my skin feel dry. Definitely purchasing full size of these once I run out --> CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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