All My Favorite French Perfumes

What scents are you loving at the moment? Below are a few I'm loving at the moment and the fact that they all hail from my favorite place in the world is just an added bonus!

Dior Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum and Christian Dior Happy Hour Fragrance - I discovered Joy by Dior on my recent trip to Paris for fashion week. this one is definitely different from most of the other Dior fragrances, but it was still love at first spritz for me. It's another floral and citrusy smell making it light so I typically wear it during the day. Love the simplicity of the bottle too. I love the Happy Hour fragrance so much, I dedicated a blog post to it which you can find here. But the short of it, it's a great scent for day and night, it's sweet and fruity yet still very fresh. It's one of those you can't really go wrong with --> CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

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