Holiday Dresses for Every Occasion

What is it about a black dress that makes it so elegant, timeless and relevant season to season? Whatever it is though, come Holiday season, black dresses is what I tend to stock up on the most. Easy to style, the right black dress never fails to make an impression, this season in particular, offers a slew of gorgeous styles to choose from perfect for any occasion!

Personally, I live for a little embellishment when it comes to black dresses. Beading, interesting cut or shape, fringe, lace, basically  anything that helps add a bit of drama to this Holiday staple. Another way I like to add drama when I opt for black is via accessories. A pop of color ( think bright red pumps for example or a jewel-toned clutch ) helps to create an interesting focal point, though I also love the way black pairs with metallic accents. Yet another reason to love black for Holidays, is because it allows you to amp up your make-up game and go for something bolder and brighter. For example, I often play up my eye color when I wear all black ( especially love jewel tones or metallic lids ) or go for a pop of color with my lip color ( though in the past I've often went with classic red, lately I'm really loving bright pink ). Essentially, there are endless ways to style a black dress and I think that is exactly why it is such a must-have for the Holiday season --> CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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