Softer Palette: A Nod To Lavender

Always a fan of pastels and softer colors in general, I am very happy to see that Lavender, i.e. one of my favorite colors of all time is having a moment. Love this pretty shade because it's just so feminine, elegant and eye-catching! Though normally, lavender is not necessarily a color you would think of wearing for Fall/Winter, I find, that it actually pairs really beautifully with winter's staple-shades like navy, burgundy, gray and brown (especially caramel).

For example:

A Lavender Scarf: Pair a pretty lavender scarf like this one or this one with a navy coat to add a splash of color to your look.

A Lavender Sweater: Gorgeous with burgundy, I love wearing a pretty lavender sweater like this one, or this striped version here with a fun burgundy coat. Currently obsessed with this Peacoat, this menswear inspired long coat & this burgundy teddy bear coat --> CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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