Coachella with Pantene

Going to Coachella is definitely something I look forward to every year, but to be able to enjoy the festival while partnering with my favorite hair-care brand... well, that was a dream come true!

My love for Pantene products runs deep, it was the first shampoo I ever used (according to mom), Pantene oil was what my mom used on my hair to salvage it after an unfortunate perm when I was 16, and Pantene products is what I use now to keep my hair shiny and healthy. This year, Pantene was the official haircare sponsor of Coachella, so when they reached out and offered to collaborate to promote their on-site Pantene Style Lounge and limited-edition Pantene Festival Hair Kit, I definitely jumped on board. Aside from the fact that I already use and love most of the products included in the Pantene Festival Hair Kit, going to the festival can take a toll on your hair unless you use the right products, and the Kit includes everything you would need to create your perfect festival hair look while keeping your hair conditioned and healthy --> CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

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