Floral Maxi Dress You Need Now

If I close my eyes and try to imagine my perfect summer dress - a floral maxi dress is what comes to mind! Don't know what it is really, but floral maxis always make me feel pretty and feminine, so whenever I feel the urge to dress up, that's what I normally go for! I wore the one below to a dinner date with my husband when we were in Las Vegas, and I am also taking it to wine country with me (mini trip we're planning for this weekend) because it works just as well with cute espadrilles and a tote bag. But of course that's what I like abut floral maxi dresses, they can be styled and restyled in every way imaginable! All you have to do is find a way you love to wear it the most --> CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

Amur Floral Daze Pleated One Shoulder Top (also love this one) and Floral Daze Pleated Skirt (also love this, this, and this) | Cult Gaia Mini Bamboo Zaha Bag and Sylvie Linen and Rattan Belt (also love thisthis, and this one)

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