My Forever Jewelry Pieces

Of all the jewelry that I currently have, the pieces I'm wearing in today's post are most special to me because each and every one of them represents a milestone or an important moment in my relationship. Not really sure how this tradition came about, I don't think Edward and I ever explicitly decided on jewelry, but we chose our wedding bands and my engagement ring together, and that paved the way for all the other pieces that came down the line --> CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

Bec & Bridge The Kat Cowl Dress (also love thisthis, and this one) | Tony Bianco Eska Skeen Sheep Nappa Heels (also love thesethese, and theseones) | 8 Other Reasons Rihanna Anklet | Bottega Veneta The Pouch 20 in Black (also love thisone) | Cartier Tank Fran├žaise Watch (also love thisone) and Amulette De Cartier Necklace | Maria Tash 18 Karat White Gold Diamond Earring, 5mm 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Hoop Earring, 4.5mm 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Earring, 5.5mm 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Earring, Flower Garland 3mm 18 Karat White Gold Diamond Earring, and 7mm 18 Karat White Gold Diamond Earring| Tiffany & Co Atlas Open Ringand  Wedding Band Ring

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