March 31, 2015

As I have mentioned before, I am not exactly a light packer. Yes, I 've been getting a bit better lately, yet I still suffer from wardrobe separation anxiety and tend to bring way more than I actually need. Way to many clothes, beauty products, hair styling tools and most importantly, shoes. You see, a lot of my outfits begin with the right shoe. Usually, the right shoe depends on occasion. Sometimes, it's a cute slouchy boot kind of a day and other times, if I happen to feel particularly girly and have a fabulous party to go to, it's the sky-high heel or wedge kind of a day. Hence is my problem! Since my schedule gets a bit crazy and at times unpredictable, I tend to bring nearly everything and unfortunately for me, everything takes a lot of space. I admit, not the most rational way of doing things, but I haven't really found a solution, that is I haven't found one until now!

I am sure you know what a huge Michael Kors fan I am, and can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to bring Michael Kors Jet Set 6 Collection on a recent trip along the West Coast with me. What is the Jet Set 6 Collection you ask? Well, it's 6 spectacular pairs of shoes which fit perfectly into every adventure imaginable whether it's a day at the beach, sightseeing and shopping, or elegant dinner or cocktails. The six pairs come in the cutest travel bag, so packing is literally a breeze!


March 27, 2015

It's official, I finally found a pair of comfortable platform sandals! It was last Friday, and I was having one of those magical days when everything seems to go your way. As I was mentally going through my Summer must-have yet still don't have in my closet list while lazily browsing a few of my favorite online shopping places, I stumbled across these babies! Now, if you read my blog on regular basis, you know that every year when I talk about Summer must-haves, white sandals make an appearance right at the top of that list! Aside from the fact that they go with everything, something about buying a pair of white sandals signals the begging of Summer and more importantly the end of Winter, the cold and my personal favorite, the gloom:)


March 25, 2015

You can blame the nose ring on the Dylanlex necklace because something about it brings out my inner rocker chick... and suddenly, all I want to do is put on my studded leather jacket and boots, layer statement jewelry and wear septum rings :) 


March 23, 2015

Though I will freely admit, both Emil and I could happily spend the rest of our lives traveling, most of the time, we find it quite difficult to get away for a proper vocation. After countless cancelled trips, we finally found a way to travel yet still keep up with our increasingly insane schedules. The answer was of course simple, weekend getaways! Though it may seem like 2-3 days can hardly make a difference, in our experience, being away from the madness even for a short periods of time allows for some well-needed down time!

Now, I will once again admit that up until recently I wasn't great at packing for these shorts trips! Since I find it very difficult to be away from my shoes even for short periods of time, I would  almost always overpack yet end up wearing less than 1/5 of what I brought. As a result, my poor boy would get stuck lugging around huge suitcases. Suffice to say, he was not a happy camper:) 

The good news is that I've learned my lesson. Now, I take my time to really plan my outfits, and pack only the absolute necessities, in other words, basically only what I will actually wear:) I've also made a switch from huge suitcases, to much more convenient luggage for short trips, a.k.a. the weekenders.

The one from Lo & Sons I am wearing in today's post is my current favorite! Aside from the fact that I am more than a little obsessed with the fact that it's made from a super lightweight pre-washed canvas, which is machine washable ( I am not exactly very careful with my luggage, so the fact that I can wash it and it looks new again is very much appreciated ), I just love that it's so soft and can be folded for convenient storage. But I think my favorite feature is the bottom zipper pocket! Such a smart design!!! I used to put all of my sunglasses and jewelry cases at the bottom of the bag, which of course made it ridiculously difficult to fish any of them out. Now, I just place them in the bottom pocket and they are always readily accessible! 

What about you guys? How do you pack for weekend getaways?


March 21, 2015

Ok, so I wasn't really biking. In fact, what I am wearing, is pretty much the exact opposite of what proper biking attire should look like ( even if you are trying to look fashionable ) but I spotted this bike on the street and though it looked pretty cool with my outfit. Yes, I am fully aware I'm matching outfits to random bikes on the street but I figure since this was a rather happy coincidence and not a calculated move, I am allowed some leeway here... Right? 

Though perhaps, if this was in fact something I wore to go biking, trying to pedal in platform heels would have been punishment enough! :) 


March 18, 2015

If I had to describe 3 items I cannot picture my wardrobe without, distressed jeans, leather jacket ( preferable studded and studded a lot ) and killer boots would be right at the top of that list. Though I certainly like to experiment with my style, because as we all know, trying something new feels refreshing, it's the combination of the three mentioned above, that makes me feel, well... like me the most. And of course, given mine, yours and everyone's propensity for wearing what we like over and over again, the jacket, jeans and boots combo is always in heavy rotation. Yet, as much as those three ingredients stay the same, what does change are the accessories. 

A huge accessory believer ( or basically a junky, if we're gonna be honest here ), I think that the right accessory like a pair of sunnies, a cute hat or an insanely cool looking evil eye scarf, can give an outfit a completely different feel, vibe and genre:).


March 16, 2015

As far as current obsessions go, we recently covered my full-blown addiction to hats. I am still working on getting hats out of my system, as you can see, but I did manage to go out without a hat a few times this  week, so I guess we have progress:) 

In other news, I've officially abandoned all pretense that it's not Summer in LA ( acceptance settled in somewhere around 90 degrees ), and switched to my Summer wardrobe. This of course got me thinking I should probably mention a few of my Summer obsessions/addictions/must-haves, starting with t-shirts! 

T-SHIRTS: Love them, can't live without them, wear them obsessively. Of all my Summer favorites ( and there are quite a few, believe me) t-shirts are the one thing I can never get enough of. What makes a t-shirt great in my opinion? A combination of slouchy/sexy cut, great fabric ( supper-soft ones are always appreciated ) and of course, color! The one I am wearing in today's post is from the new EXPRESS One Eleven collection and certainly represents all of the above. The not so great news is that apparently I am not the only one who appreciates super-soft fabrics and sexy cuts, because the collection is selling out really quickly. So, if you a t-shirt fan like me, check it out HERE, and check back in June for more styles. 

Next, on my list of Summer staples and must-haves are cropped jeans and especially cropped white distressed jeans. Why white? Well, can you seriously imagine Summer without a pair of white jeans? Personally  I can't!!! And of course as far as cropped length goes, I feel that it's much more versatile and works well with anything from boots and flats to pumps and ankle wrap sandals ( in other words, I don't have to commit to wearing a particular type of shoe, which is always appreciated ). The ones I am sporting in today's post are also from Express and are one of my favorite pairs at the moment. Aside from color and length, I am partial to a bit of distressing on my jeans and these happen to have a perfect amount of ripping and distressing. 

Now, what about you guys? What are your Summer cravings and staples?