New Boots!

I don’t know what it is about a shoe that makes me a complete blubbering and drooling idiot. When it comes to clothing, I am generally able to have a reasonable conversation with myself on whether I need yet another pair of wide-legged jeans. The answer is of course mostly yes, but at least there is something resembling a voice of reason. Shoes are completely different story! My brain basically shuts down and all I can hear is “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT…” No matter how uncomfortable they look or actually are, I simply have to have them!!! Let’s put it this way, I actually have a few pairs I call “sitting shoes”, they are generally impossible to wear for more than 30 minutes, so I only wear them when I know I’ll be sitting a lotJ
Luckily these are an exception, they are wonderfully comfortable and just an absolute joy all around! I got this skirt from a friend a while ago, but didn’t have a chance to wear just yet! The weather in LA is getting better, so I am finally wearing skirts!!! Hope you like it!
Have a wonderful week,

Sweater – H & M, Boots – Alejandro Ingelmo, Jewelry – Givenchy, Bag – Be & D, Skirt – Giffted.