( The BF Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Jeans - J Brand, Nasty Gal Silk Shirt, Wedges - Topshop, Bracelets -

So, I am in smack in the middle of renovating my apartment. It started as a very small project, all I really wanted to do is to replace some of the furniture and drapes, maybe freshen up the paint on the walls. Now it snowballed into this major project. When we replaced the bed room furniture, everything else we had in the room simply didn't go anymore, then we started noticing things in different rooms which needed to be repaired or changed, long story short we are doing the whole apartment:) As a result, I don't have a single full-length mirror in my apartment! Wow, never knew how much I rely on that thing:) So, this outfit came together as a result of a lot of guessing, Emil's suggestions and relying on the tiny little mirror in my bathroom. So, don't judge to harshly. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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