Paint skinny legging jeans via Minusey | Swing with double chain bag via Rebecca Minkoff | Sando silk blouse - similar here & here | Colorblock wedges my own design | Woven leather bracelet via Minusey | SEPHORA OPI nailpolish in "Iris I Was Thinner" on hands & "Caliente Coral" on toes YSL blush radiance on cheeks

I designed these shoes about 3 years ago, while I was still working with a wonderful shoe designer Elisa Ferare. Working with Elisa was a great privilege and one of the most important turning points in my life and I will always be thankful for her support and kind words of advice. I try not to wear these shoes too much, because to me, they are more of a memento of this wonderful period in my life. But since I haven't shown them to you yet and they match perfectly with my jeans, I figured I could take them out for a walk. 

On the subject of jeans, when I first saw them I had one of those mind-numbing, jaw dropping, have-to-have-them, love-at-first-sight moments! Really, could they be any more perfect! Got them a few days ago and haven't taken them off yet. Not really planning to either:)


Keep on smiling,

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