Good morning and happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! As a blogger, I pretty much live on my phone! No matter where I go or what I do, I am constantly checking emails and schedules, taking Instagram pictures, adding reminders and notes and even editing posts. So, I guess it's really not that surprising, I feel like my phone is an essential part of my life. Always on the go, a great phone makes a world of difference in helping me keep it all together, which is why I am so glad Samsung Galaxy Note + Galaxy Gear came in to my life! What do I like about it so much, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that it's a perfect union of high tech and great style, I am completely addicted to the humongous Full HD screen!
Now, I can actually see what I'm typing when I answer emails, not to mention, it makes shopping on the go sooooo much easier:) Let's just say recently, I've definitely been indulging in some stuck-in-traffic-maybe-I-can-use-this-time-to-shop-for-shoes scenarios!:) I also appreciate the fact that I can answer phone calls, check text messages, emails, and answer phone calls directly from my Galaxy Gear watch. But, I think my personal favorite is the S Voice, which basically allows me to use voice commands to make phone calls, create events, compose messages and so much more! How about you guys, have you checked out Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Gear? What is your favorite feature? 

Current/Elliot ankle skinny leather pants { also here } | Juicy Couture oversized moto coat | Equipment Signature slim white dot print blouse { also here } | Gucci Soho bag | Barbara Bui Mod's suede low boots | Hat - old { similar here } | J Crew floral garland bracelet | Wanderlust + Co multi stud silver bangle & Ziggy gold ring 

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