Good morning, Everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Emil and I ended up having one of those super unproductive yet altogether enjoyable weekends:) On Friday, we had a massive list of things we fully intended to do, but after getting up kind of late on Saturday, having a massive breakfast followed by a marathon of Game of Thrones, we gave up and then gave in, ordered some Italian food and finished watching the entered 3rd season. Got to indulge sometime, no? :) 
Of course, around 4 on Sunday, we realized that we spent 1.5 days in our pj's, and decided to go out for dinner. Yeah, Game of Thrones is definitely that addicting:)! Feeling a little guilty about the pajama situation, I dressed up a bit more than I normally would for dinner. So, I went  with a super girly lace skirt, a cute crop top and a pair of high heels. What about you guys, what do you like to do on those super lazy days? 

Alice + Olivia skirt via NordstromRack { similar here } | ASOS Holborn heeled sandals | Gucci Soho leather Disco bag | Crop top - old { similar here, also love this one } | Zara sunglasses { similar here } | Vita Fede original titan bracelet & ultra eclipse crystal midi ring MICHELE Deco Diamond dial watch { similar here } & patent leather strap { also love this double wrap strap in white } 

Thank you for reading
& Keep On Smiling,

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