Hello Everyone! How is your weekend going so far? So, I can't really begin to count the number of times I talked about constantly wearing heels on this blog. I've been wearing them so much and for so long that frankly, it feels kinda weird not wearing them:) Though some high heels are more comfortable than others, at this point, I am more or less ok navigating the streets of LA even in the highest of high heels I current own. Well, at least until yesterday that is. Emil and I went out for dinner, so I put on a pair of my favorite stilettos, as we were walking out of the restaurant, I tripped on a staircase and managed to twist my ankle. It's nothing serious, but wearing high heels was definitely out of the question for today, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to wear my Miu Miu oxfords. After wearing them all day today, I have to say,  I gotta give this flats thing another chance! I know I am probably super late to the "I LOVE FLATS PARTY", but I figure, it's never too late to change your mind. Not that I would ever stop wearing high heels completely, but I should definitely start wearing flats more often! I know...., I know...., I said it before but this time I really, really mean it! :) 

Joie Mehira tailored linen blazer { in white here & navy here } | Finders Keepers Gone Tomorrow shorts | Banana Republic draped V-Neck tank |  Chanel Boy flap bag Mr. Kate gold beauty mark | Miu Miu asymmetric metal cap-toe oxford - sold out { similar option here } | Wanderlust & Co chevron double silver ring & numeral silver rings | OPI nail color in My Signature is DC 

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