Just between us, of all the things I was supposed to wear to Fashion Week, this peachy perfection from Chloe was the one I was excited about the most. Mostly because I am some what familiar with New York weather in February and fur, even if it's faux, would offer the most protection from the cold (  I was very naive!!! Given what I know now, five layered fur coats wouldn't have been enough to keep me warm ) but also because well..., it's peach fur, and if that doesn't say Fashion Week, I really don't know what does:) 

Alas, United States Post Service, or as I like to call it, a company with a perfect track record for delivering things late or not at all, put an end to my dream of braving New York weather in my peachy fur. 

The coat arrived a few days after I came back from New York, on what was a particularly sunny and warm day. I mean of course it did, I always said that the universe has quite a sense of humor! And so I circled the box a few times, tried my new coat on, got a complement from Emil followed by a very pertinent question. The question of course was whether I would still be able to wear it or would I have to put it away until next year. Ha! Shows how much boys know about girls and fashion. Because quite frankly, the answer to the question is always yes! Yes, you can absolutely wear fur coats in LA if you really want to! And I really, really wanted to!

And so, I waited for a cold day! After a week or so, just as I was about ready to give up, my patience was rewarded and the cold day finally came! I mean, sure 60s probably doesn't quite qualify as fur coat weather per se but given that I am in LA, it was the closest thing to cold I was going to get:) 

After weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got to take my peachy perfection out for a walk and... it was fantastic! Now, I find myself hoping for more cold days just so that my peachy friend and I can spend more time together! :) Of course, the temperatures seem to be climbing up, so now I am thinking that perhaps 70s could also qualify as peachy fur weather... 

See by Chloe faux fur coat via Coggles { also here } | Current/Elliot The Prospect leather pants | Chanel Boy flap bag in perforated leather | Stella McCartney black Britt shoes | Crap Eyewear TV Eye shades via Nasty Gal

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