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To be in Palm Springs any day of the year, for any purpose whatsoever is great but to be in Palm Springs for Festival Season, well...  now that's even better! Every year I wait for Festival Season like a kid waiting for Christmas and once it arrives, it never disappoints! It's always wonderful! Absolutely all of it! The music, the parties, the weather and of course my personal favorite, the fashion! For me, dressing up for the Festival is at least 50 percent of the fun! Ok, probably more like 60, if I was being completely honest, but I pretty sure you already knew that if you follow my blog on regular basis:) And if you didn't, see evidence here.

ASH Danica backpack

Coachella 2015 jewelry, GORJANA Elea cuff, GORJANA Bali hand chain

STEVE MADDEN Peer sandals

MISSGUIDED Stripe dungaree romper

This year, one of my favorite Festival looks is this black and white Missguided ensemble I am completely in love with, featuring a particularly cute striped dungaree. First and foremost, I am obsessed with dungaree rompers and this striped black and white marvel is one of my absolute favorites! Why? Well, not all rompers are created equal, and I won't say most, but definitely some look a bit weird on me. This one, however, happens to pack just enough stretch to hug the body in all the right places:) Fact that it's also cute and comfy, and looks pretty perfect paired with a black crop top, makes it the best one I've ever owned and the one I will never be separated from. Ever!:)

P.S. CLICK HERE to check out a few more of  my Festival favorites! 

MISSGUIDED Stripe dungaree romper, Poranka Black Bardot sweetheart crop top & White Summer fedoraSTEVE MADDEN Peer sandals | ASH Danica backpackNIALAYA panther ring, cross over gold ring & panther bangle in gold | GORJANA Elea cuff & Bali hand chain 

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