After being stuck in bed for almost a week ( battling a massive flu ), venturing outside, even for a little while, feels like a treat. Funny, but you really get a perspective on things when life's little pleasures become temporarily unavailable. All of a sudden, sitting on a park bench, reading your favorite book while sipping hot tea and basking in a glorious California sun, makes you so happy, you can barely contain yourself... I guess nothing works quite like a good old break from everything courtesy of a massive flu to make a workaholic in me face what's really and truly important:)

REBECCA TAYLOR Pickstitch embroidered jacket | TOPSHOP Fase flatsL'AGENCE Jane top in ivory | ZARA boyfriend jeans { similar here & here } | CHLOE Marcie mini leather cross-body bag | ADORNMONDE ringsDIOR So Real 48mm sunglasses

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