Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(Jeans, Sweater - Free People, Boots - Dolce Vita, Bag - Romwe, Jewelry - ShopBelina.com)

I am smack in the middle of a huge Free People crush. I don't know if you guys noticed but it's the same jeans I wore in red a few posts ago (CLICK HERE to see the post). And this sweater, I've been waiting for it for over a month, I just love the black and white combo. 

First time I wore it, Emil took me to this new burger place he's been dying to try. I usually stay away from burgers but you know, relationships are all about compromise. He gets to eat enough healthy food, so once in a while, ok, once in a blue moon, we go out to eat junk food. The burgers were great but the portions were absolutely huge. Yes, I picked an absolutely fantastic day to wear a cropped sweater:) Forget about trying to hold my stomach in, I could barely breathe. An, yes, of course Emil made fun of me, he kept rubbing my stomach and asking when the baby is due:) Took me about half an hour to be able to lough about it:)

Hope you are having a wonderful week,


Modniara said...

This blue jeans is great :)


Sugarfree said...

I love the sweater...and the little story under :)

Sasha said...

You are so pretty! :) Loving that shortened sweater. Warm and sexy!

Fabrizia said...

These photos are so cute, and you look so good! I like your style!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it we can follow each others, I’ll be waiting for you!

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Cosa mi metto???

agnes said...

très jolie tenue, et j'adore ton pull Free People, superbes les photos

CottonCandyINK said...

beautiful photos, love the blue pants

Vanessa said...

Your look so good!! I love your outfit!!

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libby said...

i love that sweater! and i almost bought those boots! now i wish i did...


Elizabeth Paulino said...

i really would like to know your lipstick shade here, the color is really nice! Great post! ^^

Closet Fashionista said...

I love that sweater! :D Such a great outfit :)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE this outfit on you! the sweater looks gorgeous with those pants :)


Fashion Fractions

Candice said...

I love that look, Annabelle! So pretty, girl! FairIsle sweaters are so fun :)

ZOE said...

Beautiful pictures of you! Love the blue trousers

*Check out my Skinny Love!*
X Zoe X

jas said...

lovely, comfy, cozy look!


annalisa said...

why are you so beautifulllll xx


Vertiginoso said...

WOow AND actually I can't help BUT see your exposed stomach as an insolent kind of summery Allegory on Fallish territory Dear !!!

a presto, Antoine

Elena Martínez Bengoechea said...

you look beautiful !

Check out my blog :



The Fancy Teacup said...

I'm in love with anything of fair isle print lately. The story about the burger was super cute.


Maite said...

me gusta mucho la combinacion del azul de los jeans con los botines

downtownchicagobarbie said...

You are strikingly beautiful. Love the crop sweater. You look wonderful

ChrisHH said...

Such a beautiful woman you are ^_^

Btw, when Is the baby due? :PP ~

fashionmagnolia said...

cool! sweater is the best!

inmyhansonshirt said...

I love that sweater with those pants! Such a great combo!


Laura said...

great sweater!


FashionFlirt said...

wow you look absolutely amazing! I LOVE your shoes! :)


kisses, Jasmin

Mix of Styles said...

beautiful pictures, love the sweater

PureMorning said...

Beautiful photos :))

CessOviedo said...

Great sweater, love the print and it being cropped makes it ever cooler, the contrast with blue looks fantastic!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Jessica said...

Great jumper, shoes and accessories :)


Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


MIRIAM said...

Love your sweater!!!

Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

Adele said...

Adore the chunkiness of your sweater xoxo

NaRii said...

Love your sweater :)


Carlinha Cavalcanti said...

Annabelle! Thank you for vesita back often! Enjoyed your blog all very beautiful, parabénss, I'm following you!
Big kiss!http://carlinha-cavalcanti.blogspot.com/

Miss L said...

Nice outfit! Kove your jeans!

gabbiie said...

Love the jeans

Ana said...

Me encanta el jersey!! Bonitas fotos


Belén said...

I love the jeans!


Male said...

I love your look, those shoes are amazing!

Oreleona said...

i love the outfit!

alison*elle said...

Your stomach is perfect, I wouldn't have worried about a thing! Love the print on that sweater and how it's cropped... great detailing.

xo, alison*elle

Erika said...

Love the outfit! Beautiful photos! Now following your blog with Bloglovin :)


Lúcia said...

love the jumper! really cool.

Oxana Ivanova said...

Love your sweater! <3

Blog by Oxana Ivanova

Sally said...

i totally love your outfits and photos! it would be great if you can tell me which camera you use because i really like your quality :) thank you!

Nee said...

annabelle you are soo beautiful, you could really wear everything!:)


Tariro said...

That sweater is so cute! I love your boots!

Sabrina T. said...

lovely mini pull with blue:)

Patchwork à Porter

Orange Autumn said...

You look gorgeous as usual!! Love the bag!

Helena said...

Amazing photos!
I love your outfit!!!
I find your blog now and I already love it :)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you smile? You're always so sad.

fashionmix said...

so pretty and sexy <3<3

Beantown's Barbie said...

Love the pants.. You are a model!!

Mary Ann said...

Your eye makeup colors are always so pretty - you should do a tutorial if you haven't already!

Raya said...

very fresh look!

Call me M said...

You look amazing as always. Loved the cropped sweater and the booties. Oh I'm sure that you're exaggerating...with a body that great, I'm sure you couldn't tell that you ate a huge burger. You look stunning!

Carlo said...

beautiful look and more sexy

Universo de um Closet said...

Imagens lindas, modelo linda... Universo de um Closet


Tian Shanae said...

i love your blog, you always have great pics!!!!


Mia Purpurina said...

love it!

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

i'm in love with your cropped sweater. and how you paired it with those blue jeans....it's pretty much perfect.

xoxo katlin

Czeko said...

Amazing bag!:) Great look!:)
Kiss from Poland!

Follow me. NEW POST!!


Tanja Nicole Hammer said...

you are so pretty! and just have a nice taste in fashion!

Maggie said...

Beautiful look! Love these blue jeans!


Pretty Little Dolly said...

i LOVE your jumper, beautiful gallyyy :) xx

lisa signorini said...


new post on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!


Feelings said...

You are AMAZING and so elegant with anything you are wearing!

check out my new-born blog! :)


The Dress Rules said...

Loving blue pants!you look so beautiful as always! kisses Silvia and Chiara


Nevena R said...


CherryJPriano said...

amazing outfit!

India said...

great look! love it!

Emica said...

I'm in love with this sweater...( I have it in one of my last posts) :)
I'm jealous :)

gaby said...

great pants


marama said...

Great pants, beautiful color =)


Marti:* said...

I love Your bag! :-)

Marica said...

Ciao Annabelle, love love love autfit, pretty girl!!!



inês said...

great combination! you look sexy ♥

Miss ✿ Brittany said...

Love the sweater!! you look cute :)

Aahna said...

Nice, nice sweater! You are so pretty.

Musa said...

Love the sweater! It looks so comfy ^^

antonela* said...

i love the complete outfit, but i prefer to use these pieces separated

tinkerbell said...

you look great!!! SO SEXY!

Petite and Hungry said...

how is it that you look so pretty ALL THE TIME?!! and i can't keep away from junk food. i figured i'm still young and should just eat and try what i can until my metabolism slows down! haha!


Thalitha Mercês said...




krissy rock said...

cute otufit. beautiful pictures and jeans. your eyes are lovely!

Modayadairhersey said...

amazing outfit


Kelly (Unremittingly Kel) said...

You are simply stunning!
I adore this outfit, so much. I'm dying for a pair of cobalt pants :(

Thank you so much for visiting my blog & following, I'm following back because you & your blog are BEYOND amazing!
So glad we found each other!

SILVIA - thefrontrow said...

Nice outfit and so beautiful eyes!


effortlesscool said...

adorable fall look! love the combo of the pants and sweater <33

XO Sahra

SH said...


Please take your minute and visit also my blog

stilettolover91 said...

LOVE IT!!!! Amazing sweater!!!!!


Christina said...

I love the combination of the chunky winter sweater and the awesome blue jeans. Also love the shoes - adorable!

Such a fan of your blog and your photos are always gorgeous. :)

~ Christina

her persona said...

loving this look girl!!


Liezyl Gomez said...

i love every piece from this look!

Erika said...

absolutely gorgeous! effortlessly sexy!

-Love Erika

Amanda Nguyen said...

I always like a nice fairisle print. this one is especially cool cause of the cropped cut, and I love how you paired it with the bright blue bottoms!


Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

Love the cropped take on the classic fairisle. What a casual but chic outfit!

PS: Following you too now! :)


Shelby Anne said...

Awesome set of jeans!
Check out my blog...what do you think?

Mei めい said...

nice sweater and jeans ! :)


Sd said...

u're gorgeous!! pls check out my little blog :


Lula said...

Totally love the outfit!

Lynn said...



DaNa said...

really nice sweater!

la vie quotidienne said...

Great look, bold and fun. The blue color of jeans is great.

I follow.

XOXO from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne


Kasia said...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog:) I'm following your blog as well. I like your bag and your shoes:)

coco said...

no coment !

black pearl said...

Amazing look! I love the sweater!

JenniModaa* said...

que guapaa!

Belens said...

Beautiful and sexy....love your make up. http://belenns.blogspot.com/ kises from Spain

Inês Vasconcelos said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :) I love your blog and your outfits!! It's been a while since I discovered yours but only now, that I have my own, I'm following. kiss!


amalia said...

You are absolutely gorgeous dear!Your face is stunning!

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Jane Alisa said...

You look AMAZING! Love the jumper xoxo

Despina A said...

Hi!i just found u.i'm almost a new blogger. you are so stylish,i like your blog!!
check mine:

Karin's Kloset said...

I love the cropped sweater and the shoes are awesome!!

Thanks for following my blog and now I'm following yours!!!


Paulina said...

I simply love the shoes!!


Stylin' said...

I like the colour pop jeans :)


nené said...

great outfit!
i follow you!
hug from BARCELONA!!

Toni said...

Well I wish my stomach would be as flat as yours! You look amazing, love this outfit

Emma, Ella! said...

I love the sweater, you are so pretty!!!

xo Emma

Noémie said...

Great outfit! I love the sweater and the jeans! You look amazing as always!

kirstyb said...

love this jumper

R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R. said...

Hahah, funny post :D And I absolutely love everything in your outfit . Starting from those amazing boots to your fantastic hair !! :))


Nella said...

Found u on Chicisimo and I absolutely fell in love with your blog and your style! Are u model or something u look so beautifull? xoxo (sorry my english is not good, hope u understood)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Amazing fall outfit! Love your sweater!

Ale e Elis said...

Gorgeous!!! Love your sweater!!!!
Amazing photos.


iamchiara said...

i soooooo love the shoes!


Zorannah said...

love those blue jeans!

Vee4ViBranT said...

Great outfit, I love the shoe and sweater. Check out my blog!!


Plami said...

You look gorgeous! Love the sweater!



Dora said...

How sweet!gorgeous girl


Andrea said...

love this sweater! you have such a great body!

Lubna said...

You look so pretty, love that cropped sweater :)


АннеттА said...

Annabelle, you are very pretty, stylish girl! In a blog a lot of inspiring images of fashion! May you never lose the inspiration!

Hello from Russia!

Victoria said...

i love the bold blue!
And of course, the bold middriff =]

Greta Miliani said...

You're stunning!
Love the colours and the shoes.
On my blog win a pair of LITA shoes by Jeffrey Campbell!

Agnes in Wonderland said...

Like your jeans ;)

Roosa said...

Fantastic outfit! I really love your blog, you have so nice style.:)


Anna Nguyen ♥ said...

Love you your amazing


Cara said...

You always have the most beautiful outfits, I often spot you on Chictopia and Chicisimo but I have to visit your blog and say hello...those are gorgeous pants!
xo Cara

Fictitious Fashion said...

I absolutely love love your outfit.. THe sweater.. n the shoes.. wow.. U have a piercing? THat is wow.. you look gorgeous :)

New post

decimal shoes said...

love the sweater :D

Anonymous said...

Genial el look!!!

Mira si te interesa, un collar de unode50 súper bien de precio!:



stylista said...

Great photos! You have amazing style.


ggshoe said...

So nice to see color in this season! lovely pants!!

Maria Bastida said...

great sweater!!! you look great ;)


ROMWE said...

amazing unique style !! golden waving hair ... big eyes and charming figure... you look freaing awesome whenever ! loved ...


Andrea said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! O.o

Anonymous said...

what contact lenses do you use?

Carolina Sundell said...

Beautiful sweater and the the color of the pants really pop. I love it!

Lauren said...

Thank you for visiting/following... I stopped by and fell in love with yours; consider me your newest follower! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more...

febriani djunaedi said...

love your sweater :)

Victoria Golden said...

Great look! You're very beautiful!

Addicted to all said...

very nice outfit... I love the pants and the bag

Wish you a nice weekend:)


triskelos said...

You look amazing and you have such a great body. I wish I could pull that crop sweater as easily as you))


Joana Sá said...

LOVE your knitwear. Want it

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Kirby Morris said...

absolutely loving this look!

Saltos de Cristal said...

Love it!!

Saltos de Cristal

Caro * said...

Amazing pant and really pretty outfit :)

MoGio said...

Girl .. you are stunning

monjaWormser said...

lovelovelovelove the sweater and the entire outfit!


Olivia said...

stunning! love the entire outfit!


Cymone said...

Thanks for the follow my dear.....your beautiful!...this look is too cute, love the knit cropped sweater :D

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automobiliu nuoma
autobusu nuoma

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