Wow, time really does fly! Doesn't it? It feels like only yesterday I was getting ready for fashion week in February, and now 2 months have flown by and we are basically a week away from the Festival Season! YAY! Now, if you read my blog on the regular, you know that I'm a bit obsessed with Festival Season! Aside from the fact that it takes place in Palm Springs (think gorgeous weather, stunning views and super relaxed vibe) getting Festival-ready is definitely one of my favorite things ever!

Usually, when I start getting ready, I like to pack my necessities first! Through trial and error, and trust me, there were quite a few errors, I've come up with a list of 3 absolute must-haves I always bring with me. First and foremost are sunnies! Desert sun is not a joke, and in the past I've made a mistake of going without them, which made seeing my favorite bands perform not an easy task indeed:) So, from now on, a variety of cute shades is the first thing I pack. Next is sunblock of course! Now, I used to tell myself I never burn, and generally speaking it's true. But like I said, desert sun is really unlike anything else, so if you don't want to spend a few days dealing with a bad sunburn, sunblock is a must! Last but certainly not least is chapstick. I know, sounds kinda crazy, but because desert air is so dry and the sun is so strong, my lips get dry like there is no tomorrow, so I always carry a few chapsticks with me.

As far as planning my Festival outfits, comfort is definitely something that is very important to me. Well, I suppose shoes would be the only exception! Guess I love heels too much to trade them in for flats, even if flats are a more comfortable option:) We all have our vices, I suppose! :) Knowing that I'm gonna be spending all day in the sun, I usually go for very breezy, flowy, slightly bohemian pieces. Though in the past, I've opted to wear a lot of bright colors, this year, I'm more attracted to a slightly calmer color palette, especially creams, whites and various shades of brown. But what hasn't changed, is the way I feel about details and embroidery and lace seem to be the obsession du jour.

Take the first look from today's post for example. I opted to pair a cute suede mini with a breezy lace-embellished off-the-shoulder blouse, gladiator heels and loads of layered bracelets. To complete this look, I went with a pair of tortoise sunnies. Aside from the fact that I love pairing suede and tortoise because they look so insanely chic together, I like adding even a bit of print or texture whenever I pair solid colors together. What I love about these particular shades is the fact that not only are they absolutely gorgeous but they are also extremely practical! As I mentioned before, when it comes to dressing for the Festival, sunnies are definitely not just an accessory but really more of a necessity. You always want to make sure the the shades are dark enough to actually protect your eyes from the sun, and I also recommend going for a slightly oversized shape so that your entire eye area is covered. These happen to be a combination of all those things, so naturally I'm obsessed!

The second look is really an homage to my current obsession with all things embroidered! I love how striking yet delicate this floral embroidery is, and of course the combination of white, red and black is just stunning! Though I certainly could have gone with a pair of black shades to complete this look, I wanted to go with something a bit different so that it doesn't come across as too matchy matchy, so I opted to wear my all-time favorite shape, i.e. oversized retro cat-eye sunnies in a beautiful shade of brown. Once again, what I absolutely love about these is the fact that they are a perfect combination of style and functionality. Large and dark enough to keep my eyes protected, yet striking enough to add a perfect finishing touch to any look.

What about you guys, what's your festival style like?

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