April 13, 2016

The hunt for this dress began over a month ago when I spotted it on H&M billboard on Sunset Boulevard. The combination of blue, red and black - gorgeous! Oh, and don't get me started on the beautiful embroidery and cute tassels... Basically, it was everything you could hope for in a dress and more:) Tiny little snag, it was sold out everywhere!

Just as I was about the give up on my search, I found myself at an H&M store and there it was, just waiting for me:) To say that it was a good shopping day, is to say nothing at all! I don't know about you guys, but for me, nothing compares to the joy of finally finding something I've been looking for for a long time!

Now, we are basically inseparable! I've been wearing it everyday and with everything! So, I suppose I have to warn you, there is a really good chance you'll be seeing quite a bit of it this summer, so I hope you don't mind! :)

H&M Embroidered cotton dress  | CHLOE small Hudson studded cross body bag  { last seen here & here } | AQUAZZURA Tulum studded fringed suede sandals | ADIA KIBUR Zoe tassel earrings { in black here } | RACHEL ZOE set of 5 rings 


PutAllOnMe said...

LOVE this dress even though I would wear it with some white sneakers instead:)
Your photos and location are always the perfect match!

Natali said...

Absolutely flawless and such a fun Summertime outfit! You're looking beautiful!

Bianca Malata said...

These are gorgeous colours on you. I love the tassle earrings.

Laura said...
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Noey Lolita said...

So marvelous dress, cute colors

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Laura said...

This dress of H&M is faboulous on you, love so much the color!

Amazing pics!

Kiss :)


Stephanie said...

Love that dress on you!! So cute!

QuestForCalm said...

I am in love with this outfit, so pretty!
Samantha |

Camille said...

Such a pretty dress

Francesca Cristini said...

love that dress!


LisaVM said...

Love this dress and you styled it perfectly!


Antel Muça said...

Love this! :)

M said...

Love this dress!

Annlouise Lindberg said...

I see that dress every time I walk into H&M and I think I have to buy it soon... It's gorgeous!

Marta said...

That dress is so cute!

Jessica Prain said...

Gorgeous dress ! I can imagine why it was sold out everywhere, it is just perfect <3 The colors are just stunning, and I love your earrings with it as well !


Enikő Schmidt said...

Such a pretty dress, love it's bohemian style!

Ujjaini Lahiry said...

The new H&M campaign and the outfits are amazing!

Moonstyle said...

I like this new collection by H&M

Su nd Chris said...

This is beyond beautiful!! Love your heels!

xx Su

Dominique Candido said...


Liz Lauren said...

love this dress

Jada Nicola said...

That dress is definitely gorgeous and perfect for the summer! If I had that dress, I would wear it all the time too!

Diane Hoang said...

Your earrings are gorgeous! They're such a beautiful accessory to your dress <3

xx, Diane ||

Nicoletta De Luca said...

Fab look, love the earrings!

Boho-chic, ethnic and folk trend
lb-lc fashion blog

Adele Miner said...

So gorgeous, this dress makes me excited for summer! x

Inma Rocamora said...

Lovely dress!!
NaturalElegance Fashion blog

Kelly Lund said...

First, HOW did you manage to walk...let alone stand still on those rocks? haha I'm such a klutz and would absolutely be falling and stumbling around. Beyond that, gorgeous look. From the earrings straight down to the polish on your toes, every detail is so perfectly coordinated. Love!!

xoxo - Kelly

Mei めい said...

Gorgeous look! Love that dress so much!

Big Dreamer

Chelsea Finn said...

what a gorgeous dress! i love the colors!

xx Chelsea

María José Grimaldo said...

What a gorgeous dress, that light blue tone is everything!!! I really feel like I need it, he he...

La Bijoux Bella | by mia said...

Simply fantastic! :)

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Sophia said...

The earrings are sooooo beautiful! Love it, Xo, Sophia from

Mahendra Pingale said...


Live-Style20 said...

so cute look ; -))

i invite to me too

Beauty Blog Studio said...

Loved your outfit. :)

Malu Swartjes said...

You look stunning! And I just love to read your posts, keep going girl! <3 :)

xx Malu | The online destination for fashion inspiration, beauty tutorials and lifestyle tips & tricks.

Trendencies Blog said...

I love the dress and the sandals are gorgeous too!

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...


Alyssa Renee said...

Cute dress! The red tassel earrings look great with it! =)


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Tijana J. Dominguez said...

Awww... the dress is so beautiful to look at! <3

Kristie Glenn said...

Beautiful dress!


Magdalena Fenzl said...

Love your dress, xxx Lena

sienna ana belić said...

I love that H&M dress <3

xoxo Sienna


gorgeous look! xx

P.S.LilyBoutique said...

Love the dress, tassel earrings and sandals! You look beautiful :)

Lily |

►Nadush said...

Beautiful photos ! :)

Monika Basiaga said...

Wow! You look so beautiful! :) Blue match to you perfect!
Love your jewellery and shoes! <3

Falasha C said...

Love those tassel earrings! Great style and you are so beautiful!

xx Falasha
Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

Brankica Lotos said...
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Lotus Beauty said...

Dress with folklore elements, nice!
Yoh look cute as always! I like your posts dear��

Marina Loyko said...

Pics grate^ but I saw this dress))))

Andrea jueong said...

I love everything with embroidery, so this dress is perfect!

Mlle Coconath said...

Great outfit!
Mademoiselle Coconath

Aliya Shaikh said...

boho style awesome :)

mens tailored suits

Monika Wlodarczyk said...

This dress is so unique!

Mitsubishi Palembang said...

Gorgeous dress ! I can imagine why it was sold out everywhere, it is just perfect <3 The colors are just stunning, and I love your earrings with it as well !

Giada Graziano said...

This look is so coachella-style :D Love everything!


Glam Observer

Blvck Bee said...

That dress is everything! Too bad its sold out :(

Agnes x


Malu Swartjes said...

I love this look! You look stunning:)

xx Malu | The online destination for fashion inspiration, beauty tutorials and lifestyle tips & tricks.

Stephylately said...

I saw this dress in H&M and thought It might not suit me but after seeing you style it this way, I am inspired. Cute look.x

Jim Marven said...

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Emily Walker said...

Love the dress and how you choose the earring and the shoes with the fringed detail :D And the dress is really stunning
love quotes ez

Steven Bruce said...

Too gorgeous and adorable dress.I am really impressed by this cool trendy look.

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